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Wanderlust & Writing

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read but one page." St. Augustine.


One of the reasons why I choose to write within a historical context is because of my profound love of travel. Visiting new cities and learning about new cultures stirs my creative brain cells into developing stories that ultimately land on the page.

Without a doubt, Written In Blood's inspiration came from my experiences traveling through England, France, and Italy. Venice plays an essential role within the story as well and is one of the cities that invariably cast a magnetic pull over me.

All senses come into play when discovering a new city. The scent of the air, the range of flavor in the local food, music and architecture... these, like several other elements, trace a city's given identity. But one cannot fully appreciate Florence, Venice or any other city without learning its history. And what is history if not a compendium of stories lying beneath the city's ancient layers of earth?

This is where travel and research merge into one beautiful category.

To me, historical facts and dates are just as important as discovering the fashion trends of any given era, the main dishes one would eat in a certain period, currency and cultural festivities such as the Venetian Carnivale also come to mind.

This knowledge unfolds a city's true soul and makes the experience more enjoyable, at least for me.

Then comes the writing. But more on that, later.

Until then!

x, Silvana.

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