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My Precious, My own Black Tourmaline ring... at last!

I'm so happy to share with you my latest find! If you've read The Unnatural Brethren series then you know how important Black Tourmaline is for the Deveraux Witches. Black tourmaline is believed to be a cleansing stone. If we were to slice black tourmaline, we'd see its molecular structure grants it a streaked structure. These rods are believed to act as "filters" through which bad energy enters AND leaves the stone transformed into good energy.

Now, what is the most practical way to carry with you black tourmaline at all times? Why, jewelry. (Not a bad excuse to get a pretty ring too!). I had been hunting for the perfect one, and only recently, I came across this beauty.

It fits so nicely. The stone is in pristine condition and the surface is cut in such a way that it reflects light to perfection. Have I already mentioned I am super happy to have found it? Lol.

Most crystals must be cleansed after you've used them for a while because there comes a time when they're saturated with the bad energy they've picked up from other people and our surroundings. Some people know it's time to clean their crystals when they're feeling stuck emotionally, other say the stone itself will feel heavier.

Methods to clean crystals include leaving them on the windowsill when there's a full moon, or a special moon, like the blue moon. You can also dip them in salt... The beauty of black tourmaline is that it's the easiest to clean: simply put it under running water. Yes. Wash your hands and you're good! The reason it's believed to be so easy to cleanse is that due to its molecular structure, it does not absorb most of the bad energy that runs through it. It simply passes through.

Whether you trust your crystals, as most witches, black tourmaline is a precious little stone, and the perfect gift as we approach the holidays!

As if that weren't enough, the cost is amazing. Totally worth it!

I'm adding the link here because people have been asking me where I got mine!

This is an affiliate link. I'll be sharing more amazing recommendations and fun finds with you soon!

If there's something in particular you'd like me to add, feel free to shoot me an email!

Until then,

Stay magical!

x, Silvana.

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