The Unnatural Brethren


Ivan Lockhart cheated death for the last time. When Ivan escapes a fatal tragedy and another dies in his stead, victory leads to damnation.   Haunted by the ghost of his guilt, desperate to break away from his past, Lockhart flees seventeenth-century Winterbourne and embarks to the city of Venice, where ancient secrets sleep and legends rise from their graves. Poveglia, an island cast deep in the shadows of the Venetian horizon, conceals a rare lineage of immortals, the Sartie Mangiatori, obscure creatures that feed on human blood—Vampire’s predecessors. Lockhart's unforgettable journey will offer more than he ever expected as he travels through the darkest corners of Europe's elite destinations in a pilgrimage to the remotest depths of the human heart.



Three hundred years have passed since Ivan Lockhart’s descent into Darkness. With a voracious hunger for life, he’s set up his lair in Belvedere Island and thrives in the twenty-first century as an anonymous mogul and philanthropist. 
Havoc breaks into his life one evening when his fledgling, Phillip Blackwell, arrives with disconcerting news. An unnatural being haunts his sleep. But the game changes when it becomes clear that it’s not a ghost’s work—it’s an immortal’s Call of Blood. 

Together they will unravel the mystery behind Phillip’s summoning with the help of the Deveraux witches, allies of Lockhart for centuries. 

Their investigation leads to San Francisco’s vampire central: The Devil’s Coven. But complicating matterseven more, the Coven’s vampires are on the brink of an uprising. Two powerful houses have clashed in the pursuit of their leadership—one of them plans to eradicate Lockhart and his offspring.

Will Lockhart risk his life and the life of his vampiric family to save an endangered immortal, an immortal who betrayed him over three hundred years ago by killing his maker?

Splendor, intrigue, and bewitchment abound in the second installment of Silvana G. Sánchez’s Unnatural Brethren series.





"The Unknown" is a collection of thirty-one horror micro poems, one for each night of October, the most wonderful time of the year!
Read at your own risk, and enjoy the fright!

Escrito en Sangre

Escrito en Sangre

una novela de la hermandad antinatural

Ivan Lockhart engañó a la muerte por última vez. Cuando Ivan escapa de una tragedia fatal y otro muere en su lugar, su victoria conduce a la condenación. Atormentado por el fantasma de su culpa, desesperado por separarse de su pasado, Lockhart huye de Winterbourne en el siglo XVII y se embarca a la ciudad de Venecia, donde antiguos secretos residen y leyendas se levantan de sus tumbas. Poveglia, una isla arrojada en las sombras del horizonte veneciano, oculta un raro linaje de inmortales, los Sartie Mangiatori, criaturas oscuras que se alimentan de sangre humana: los predecesores de los Vampiros. El viaje inolvidable de Lockhart ofrecerá más de lo que esperaba mientras pasea por los rincones más oscuros de los destinos de élite de Europa en una peregrinación a las profundidades más remotas del corazón humano.

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Clamor de Sangre

una novela de la hermandad antinatural

Los vampiros están entre nosotros.

Iván Lockhart es uno de ellos. 
Una guerra está por suceder en el corazón de San Francisco, capital del aquelarre más importante de vampiros.
Cuando los planes del aquelarre amenazan a su familia vampírica, Iván hará todo por proteger a los suyos.

Continúa la saga del bestseller internacional, la Hermandad Antinatural, con su segunda entrega: Clamor de Sangre.


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