Sequel to the internationally bestselling series,

The Unnatural Brethren.

Three hundred years have passed since Ivan Lockhart’s descent into Darkness. With a voracious hunger for life, he’s set up his lair in Belvedere Island and thrives in the twenty-first century as an anonymous mogul and philanthropist. 
Havoc breaks into his life one evening when his fledgling, Phillip Blackwell, arrives with disconcerting news. An unnatural being haunts his sleep. But the game changes when it becomes clear that it’s not a ghost’s work—it’s an immortal’s Call of Blood. 

Together they will unravel the mystery behind Phillip’s summoning with the help of the Deveraux witches, allies of Lockhart for centuries. 

Their investigation leads to San Francisco’s vampire central: The Devil’s Coven. But complicating matters even more, the Coven’s vampires are on the brink of an uprising. Two powerful houses have clashed in the pursuit of their leadership—one of them plans to eradicate Lockhart and his offspring.

Will Lockhart risk his life and the life of his vampiric family to save an endangered immortal, an immortal who betrayed him over three hundred years ago by killing his maker?

Splendor, intrigue, and bewitchment abound in the second installment of Silvana G. Sánchez’s Unnatural Brethren series.

☆☆☆☆☆, I loved this book! Now if you'll excuse me, I have a sequel to buy.

Absolutely marvelous from start to finish. Silvana's vivid descriptions created such an enthralling atmosphere that I felt like I was there with the characters as the story played out before my eyes. Flawless job!

This was such a polished work from start to finish! Very tightly plotted, and Silvana's characters felt so alive and vibrant and real. I was so blessed to have uncovered this magnificent work!

A L S O  B Y  S I L V A N A  G.  S Á N C H E Z


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