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Scorching Hot Cover Reveal - Embers of Fate!

I'm so excited to finally reveal the smoldering cover for Embers of Fate, the third installment in my Bad Boy Shifters series!

Without further ado, here he is! Meet our Bad Boy Shifter, Nik!

Gorgeous, right? The incredible art really captures Dragon Shifter's Nik fiery passion for gorgeous heiress of the Bear Shifter clan Samara! These two are a steamy, forbidden match that threatens to set their rival clans ablaze.

Embers of Fate continues the story of Runt of the Pack as Ursa King Gavriil Alexeev is summoned to a meeting in Paris with the legendary Deveraux Witches. (Meet them in the Unnatural Brethren series). In comes the Draken heir, Bram with his younger brother Nik.

As age-old vendettas flare up once more, Nik and Sam's intense attraction might just be the key to uniting their people - if their secret romance doesn't destroy them first!

Here's the blurb:


When fire meets ice, forbidden love will scorch enemy clans.

Banished from a den of dragons. The last hope to save his lineage.

Nik, the youngest Draken warlock, was mysteriously exiled as a child. After a decade away, he's summoned home to Paris where his brother Bram leads the dragon clan. But Nik's world turns upside down when he meets a fierce, mysterious woman--Sam. Her strength will empower him as their two warring lineages, the Draken and rival Ursa clans, clash in the fiercest battle.

The clan's most promising witch. Her enemy’s greatest weakness.

Samara, Princess of the Ursa clan, is forced to join her brother King Gavriil Alexeev in Paris. Sneaking out to a nightclub, she meets handsome stranger Nik. But when their prelude to a one-night stand becomes Sam's greatest love, she learns Nik belongs to their rival Draken clan. Will she follow her heart, going against her loyalty to her family?

Sparks fly when a headstrong dragon shifter and a rebellious witch cross paths in the Parisian nightlife, kindling an all-consuming love that blazes between two rival shifter clans. As loyalties are tested and long-buried vendettas resurface, their forbidden bond threatens to either unite or destroy the packs.


I loved exploring the political intrigue and forbidden but fated love between these two hotheaded heroes. And writing the tension between the rival clans was a blast. Expect plenty of drama, romance, possesive alpha tropes and steamy scenes in this book!

Embers of Fate releases on February 17th, just in time for Valentine's Day reading month!

Preorder now to dive into Nik and Sam's story. Ebook and print editions will be available.

And let me know what you think of the cover in the comments!

If this is your first introduction to the Bad Boy Shifters world, you can catch up on books 1 and 2 first for maximum enjoyment. But each book can also be read as a standalone.

I hope you're as thrilled as I am for Nik and Sam's story! This Valentine's month is about to get very steamy...

Stay fiery, darklings!

x, Silvana.


Bad Boy Shifters Series

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